Pottery Painting

After two weeks we went back to paint our pottery. Here are a few of them in progress. They have to be processed for two more weeks before we can get the final products. They look like they will turn out great!

IMG_6302 IMG_6305

International Cooking-Fried Rice

Thanks Mr. Kaneshiro for the great cooking demo of fried rice. We learnt how to cut up the veggies, stir fry the meat just right, and the best way to prepare the rice. Delicious!

IMG_6290 IMG_6299 IMG_6300

Pottery class at Jimmy Potters Studio

We had a great time making bowls at our Jimmy Potters Pottery Class!

First we centered our clay, then we formed the clay into a circle. We learned how to spin the wheel, to use our thumbs to shape the clay, and much more.

Thanks to everyone at Jimmy Potters for creating such a fun experience for us! IMG_6266 IMG_6274 IMG_6259Redone pots

Rescheduled March and April meetings

postponedDon’t forget that the meetings for March and April have been pushed back one week to the 3rd Tuesday. See you there!

Pottery Class coming soon

If you signed up for pottery, make sure you are ready for the first session this month at Jimmy Potters’ Studio.

jimmy potters

Cooking Project

cooking-collegeDon’t forget to sign up for our cooking demonstrations! So far we have plans for making a Japanese, a Chinese, a Peruvian, and a Mexican dish. We’ll also learn to make mozzarella from scratch.

Creative Writing Project Update One

What a fun meeting we had today! We did a warm up character description exercise, set our goals for the project, and then wrote some more about the character we created in the first exercise. Everyone came up with such creative ideas.

December 2016 Service Project

We voted to donate gifts and cards to teens at the Kathrine K. Hanley Family Shelter to add some cheer to the lives of homeless teens over the holidays. With every thing that we have in our lives, it is hard to imagine not having a home to go to at any time, and especially in the winter. We made gifts of new personal items like earbuds, clothing, perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, candy, and so on. The things we thought we would miss if we had no home for the holidays then we gathered to wrap them and to make cheerful cards to go with them.

IMG_5667 IMG_5669 IMG_5672IMG_5671

December Meeting Reminders

Don’t forget to sign up for the activities that you want to participate in for this year! Also, remember to bring supplies for our December meeting. We will need paper, markers, and other decorating materials.