Harvest Donations

After our Fall harvest, we had a lot of surplus vegetables. We voted to donate them to the Burke United Methodist Church. The Church has a number of ministries through which they provide food to the needy, including the Loaves & Fishes and the Hungry Kids Ministries. We took squash, pumpkin, tomatoes, and more to the Church. We are sure that our trombone squash and that hefty pumpkin will feed a lot of hungry people!

IMG_5512 IMG_5506IMG_5492

City of Fairfax Fall Festival Fundraiser

City of Fairfax Fall FEstivalWhat a rainy day! But we persevered, offering goodies that we made to support the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. We did not sell the desserts for a fixed price but offered them to the people who came by in return for a donation. At the end of the day we had some desserts left over and we gave them away. The people who took the free food still gave very generously to our cause.


Garden Harvest Party

It’s just our first year working on this garden and we are so happy with what we’ve been able to accomplish. To celebrate our work and the contribution of our partners, we had a party today, cooking up some of the great veggies that we grew!

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Fairfax City 4-H Community Club Shines at 4H Fair


Fair LogoOur club entered many competitions at this year’s Fairfax County 4-H Fair. Our trifold was even selected as a trophy/champion winner!



Here is our scrapbook. We’re very proud of our work.


Several of the club’s members also entered contests for their individual works and won prizes in categories such as writing, photography, art, and woodworking.



Harvest Day Part 1

This weekend is the Fairfax County 4-H Fair and Carnival at Frying Pan Park. Our club will be submitting many items including some sample produce from our garden. It’s not time for a big harvest, but we were able to get some carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers. It was great fun and very rewarding to see the results of our hard work.


IMG_5117 IMG_5107 IMG_5102


IMG_5114 20160804_184644


Careful harvesting

Okra again

Last week we weeded around the okra and gave them some fertilizer. This is how we were rewarded.

IMG_5108 IMG_5145 IMG_5143

See their progress from last week.


Whether these are your favorite veggies or not, the plants are lovely and we can’t wait to harvest them. See how much they grew in just two weeks!

IMG_4980 IMG_5061
July 14 July 29

Grunt Work

Gardening is fun, but hard work. Check out our carrots, before and after an afternoon of weeding.

IMG_4964 IMG_4969
Before After